Claim Check: Mike Nadeau

You may have received a mailer from Allen “Mike” Nadeau, a candidate for State Senate in Northern Aroostook County. Is it accurate and honest?  See below for the fact check on this piece.

View the original mailer here:

Mike Nadeau Mail Piece
Mike Nadeau Mailer


In the mailer, Allen “Mike” Nadeau makes claims about his priorities. But he served in the Legislature in 2013-2014 and he voted against many of the things he says he will now work on in Augusta.

  1. For example, on the mailpiece he says he will “support our veterans and seniors.” Yet, as a state representative, he voted AGAINST LD 1487, which would have provided healthcare to nearly 3,000 veterans and many more seniors, according to the Maine AFL-CIO. You can find the roll call and other information about this bill here:
  2. The mailer also said he will work to “improve Augusta’s accountability and transparency with your tax dollars” but as a state representative he voted against accountability and transparency for corporations that hide their money in oversees tax havens. LD 1120 would require companies that shield their money oversees in off shore tax havens to disclose this information. Nadeau voted against this bill several times: once, twice  — and even three times.
  3. Mike Nadeau’s mailer also claims he will work to “stop the outward migration and grow jobs here” but he repeatedly voted against bill to keep call centers in Maine, including voting against LD 1710. You can find his votes here, and here.
  4. The mailer claims he will “lower our tax burden” but as a state representative, Allen “Mike” Nadeau voted against sending $30 million of state aid directly to schools. When the state fails to fund our schools, property tax payers are left to pay more. You can see his voted on LD 1509 here.
  5. And the mailer claims he will work to “educate, train, and build a top-notch workforce,” he repeatedly voted against funding for schools and expanding pre-K services to more children, which research has proven is hugely effective in helping kids succeed, especially kids living in poverty. You can find his votes against pre-K expansion in Aroostook County here and here.

The Mailer: A campaign mailer from Mike Nadeau
District: 1
Towns: Allagash, Ashland, Caribou, Castle Hill, Caswell, Connor Twp., Cyr Plantation, Eagle Lake, Fort Kent, Frenchville, Garfield Plantation, Grand Isle, Hamlin, Limestone, Madawaska, Mapleton, Masardis, Nashville Plantation, New Canada, New Sweden, Northwest Aroostook Unorganized Territory, Oxbow Plantation, Perham, Portage Lake, Square Lake Unorganized Territory, Saint Agatha, St. Francis, St. John Plantation, Stockholm, Van Buren, Wade, Wallagrass, Washburn, Westmanland, Winterville Plantation and Woodland.

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