Claim Check: Bob Foley

You may have an ad about Bob Foley, a candidate for State Senate in Acton, Kennebunk, Lebanon, North Berwick, Wells, and part of Berwick. Is it accurate and honest?  See below for the fact check on this piece.

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We can not confirm whether Bob Foley, a current Representative to the State House, believes that only wealthy people should access a doctor.

However, we can confirm that as a state representative, Bob Foley has voted against expanding Medicaid to 70,000 working families in Maine.
In November of 2017, voters in Maine approved Question 2. This ballot initiative would expand Medicaid coverage to 70,000 people in Maine. You can read more about the passage of the initiative here.

However, even after the initiative passed, some in the state legislature continued to block its implementation, including Representative Bob Foley.
On June 18, 2018, the House voted on LD 837 which would have provided the funding to implement the law passed by voters. Rep. Bob Foley voted NO. In other words, he voted against the will of the voters and against providing health care to 70,000 people in Maine.
You can see the roll call vote here.

The bill did not become law.

Because Representative Foley voted against LD 837, the bill to expand Medicaid as the voters demanded, we label this ad from Working Maine as MOSTLY TRUE.

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