Claim Check: Ellie Espling

You may have received a mailer from the “Senate Chairman’s Political Action Committee” in support of Ellie Espling for State Senate. Is it accurate and honest? See below for the fact check on this piece.


The mailer makes several claims against state senate candidate, Ned Claxton. These claims are simply unsubstantiated and false.

    1. For example, the mailer claims “Claxton teamed up with the Augusta insiders who voted to make Maine’s income tax the highest in America.” This is false. The mailer cites a bill from 2017 as evidence, but Ned Claxton did not serve in the Legislature in 2017, in fact he has never served in the Legislature, unlike Ellie Espling. Furthermore, Maine’s income tax is NOT the highest in America. In fact, several states including Hawaii and California have higher income tax rates than Maine.
    2. The mailer goes on to say that “Claxton joined the same team that voted to increase the sales tax on more than 100 new goods and services, including hair cuts, car repairs, movie tickets and more.” Again, totally FALSE. The mailer cites a vote from the 124th Legislature taken during 2009/2010. Again, Ned Claxton was not in the Legislature during this time and simply can not be held accountable for a vote he never took.
    3. The same mailer praises Ellie Espling who has spent almost a decade in Augusta as a politician and it says she has a “proven record of working with Democrats and Republicans to protect taxpayers” yet provides no evidence of this claim.
    4. The mailer also claims she sponsored a bill to protect some from foreclosures, and this is accurate. She sponsored the bill to protect some from foreclosures. The bill was heavily amended and passed.
    5. The mailer also claims she is helping working families and seniors by expanding the property tax fairness credit, and there is no citation or evidence for this claim so we are unable to rate it as truthful.

The Mailer: A campaign mailer/lit piece from the “Senate Chairman’s PAC” of Augusta, Maine in support of Ellie Espling for State Senate
District: 20
Towns: Auburn, Mechanic Falls, Minot, Poland and New Gloucester

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