Claim Check: Shawn Moody

You may have seen a TV or online ad attacking Shawn Moody, Republican candidate for Governor, for saying that Maine’s schools were overfunded. Is it accurate and honest? See below for the fact check on this piece.

Rating: TRUE

The ad, paid for the “A Better Maine,” an “independent expenditure” campaign account funded by the Democratic Governors Association.

The major point of the ad is to draw attention to a comment made by Republican gubernatorial candidate Shawn Moody. In a debate hosted by the Association of General Contractors on February 9, 2018, the moderator asked all participants the following question: “Do you feel Maine schools are adequately funded?” Moody responded and said the following: “They’re overfunded.” You can see the clip here at 2:00:43.

The TV ad also makes other claims, all of which can be substantiated with facts from other sources.  For example, during the ad, text appears on the screen claiming “Maine Schools Ranked Last in New England.”  This too is true. According to USA Today, “Though Maine’s school outrank those in the vast majority of states, they trail the education systems of every other New England state.”

The TV also claims teacher pay in Maine is last in New England and this too is true, according to the National Education Association information found here.

The ad also claims Maine is “Last in New England in Per Student Expenditures” and this too is accurate.  As reported by the National Education Association, per student expenditures were 42nd in the nation and last in New England.

For these reasons, we label this TV ad as TRUE.

TV AD:  Statewide TV Ad

District: Statewide in Maine

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